A strong visionary who prides herself in putting forth a strong work ethic and drive.

Parallel Lines

It isn't every executive who can seamlessly shift gears to help lead through the chaos while integrating merging companies, to turnaround an underperforming business, properties, or to lead a cross-disciplinary strategic initis team. However, this is the primary part of Marina Letsios' signature offering. She is differentiated by an uncommon compliment of financial management, property management, construction and strong business acumen. This allows her to view a business with a wide lens, then narrow down to connect the dots, identify business drivers, understand complex issues, take action and drive results.


Having recently completed the NADA Certification with excellence in 2021, she has taken initiative to grow and expand Kia of Huntington, where she has the role Partner and General Manager, and is making it the vision she sees as a leading female owned and operated Kia dealership on Long Island.

Parallel Lines

As a family woman, Marina manages all of her businesses and ventures, especially Kia of Huntington, with the same care and love that she provides to her family and friends.